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Our main focus is to create families through adoption. We also want to ensure that all our clients: expectant parents, their children, and hopeful adoptive families, are treated as individuals with unique needs, situations, and emotions. We believe in flexibility, mutual respect, and confidentiality.

Our staff is passionate about all aspects of adoption. Office manager, case managers, attorneys...you will be surrounded with a support staff of dedicated professionals who believe in dignity and respect, regardless of your situation or personal choices. We specialize in adoptions, pregnancy cases and interventions.

Heart of Adoptions was started in 2001 by attorney Jeanne T. Tate. After practicing law for many years at a large firm, Jeanne found adoption law so gratifying that it became her sole concentration and professional mission in life.

She created an agency with unyielding dedication to the highest standards of professionalism, ethics, and competence. The satisfaction of helping people start or grow their family through adoption has remained a powerful influence and motivation for us.

Heart of Adoptions, Inc. is committed to ensuring adoptions are legally sound, while also providing personalized services. This commitment has made us a highly respected agency with numerous grateful clients. Please visit our testimonial page to see what others have to say about us.

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